What are the construction requirements for accessory buildings?

Wood in contact with concrete must be treated against decay. Bottom plates shall be securely bolted to the slab or foundation.

Frame garages with walls over 10 feet tall shall be built with 2x4 studs placed 16 inches on center.

Wind bracing or corner bracing shall be provided on all walls. Sheets of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing can be used as diagonal bracing when the nails are 3 inches on center at the perimeter and 6 inches on center into the intermediate studs.

Walls with large openings shall have at least one four-foot wide wind brace panel or have lesser panels that meet the engineering requirements of the Michigan Residential Code, Section R 602.10, or specify products designed to meet the requirements. The 2006 Michigan Residential Code is available at the City of Ferndale Library or the Building Department.

Headers over garage doors shall be of the following minimum sizes:

Headers spanning up to 8' must be doubled 2x10 lumber where rafters or trusses span up to 20 feet perpendicular to the header. Headers spanning over 8' must be 2x12 or engineered lumber.

Garage roof framing can be conventional framing rafters or engineered trusses:

Conventional Rafters shall be placed 16 inches on center. 2x4 rafters may be used on garages up to and including 18 feet in width. Garages over 18 feet wide must have 2x6 rafters. All ridge and hip rafters shall be 2x8 minimum. Ceiling joists and rafters form structural triangles. The ceiling joists must be 4 feet on center or less, securely nailed to the rafters and the top plate of the wall. Collar tie bracing (minimum 1 x6) at 32" on center.

Approved trusses may be used. Manufacturer's shop drawings must be submitted to the Building Department before a permit will be issued. Trusses spaced 24 inches on center require plywood or oriented strand board (OS B) at least 1/2 inch thick.

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