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Ferndale Police Department

The City of Ferndale is proud to employ highly qualified, responsive law enforcement professionals. The Ferndale Police Department, led by Police Chief Dennis Emmi, encompasses:

  • Detective bureau
  • Evidence technician unit
  • Community engagement officer
  • Honor Guard
  • Traffic control division
  • School liaison
  • Narcotic Enforcement Team liaison
  • Multi-jurisdictional SWAT team


Ferndale Police Department

Ferndale City Hall
300 E. Nine Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220

Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: (248) 546-2525 (Option #6)

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Are uniforms and equipment provided by the Ferndale Police  Department?

The Ferndale Police Department provides uniforms, name badges,  and bullet resistant vests. Auxiliary members are required to purchase  a department-approved firearm and all leather gear (belts, holsters, belt  keepers and cuff case). Other equipment includes whistles, flashlights,  rain hat covers, and radio holsters. Equipment costs can exceed $1,500.

What are some of the functions preformed by the auxiliary unit?

State Fair pedestrian crosswalk, Memorial Day Parade directing traffic and security at the parade, Dream Cruise traffic and crowd control, Art Fair & Pride Fair, Halloween Patrol, Evidence searches at crime scenes (assisting the Detective Bureau), Surveillance Projects (capacity of observation and reporting via radio), Many other city functions

What are the requirements to become an auxiliary officer for  Ferndale Police?

Have a high school diploma, Be subjected to a background check,  Have no criminal record, Pass an oral board interview, Approval and  acceptance by the command staff of the Ferndale Police Department

Do I have a reason to be concerned about filing a complaint?

No! The Police Department clearly identifies our responsibility  in resolving complaints.

Where can I download a copy of the citizen complaint process?

Click to download a print-ready brochure.

Why is the citizen complaint process important?

We strive to meet your expectations in quality professional  standards. We ensure that your trust in law enforcement is not misplaced and  that we will resolve these problems to the best of our ability.

Will it take a lot of time to file a complaint?

No. Your complaint may be resolved immediately and informally  by speaking with a department employee/supervisor. If informal resolution  cannot be achieved, a formal complaint will be filed. This will take about  10-15 minutes to complete. Please keep in mind that the amount of time it  takes to resolve a formal complaint may depend on the complexity of the  issue.

Will my complaint be taken seriously?

Yes, without question. The Police Department recognizes your  crucial role in helping us to learn, adapt, and improve our services for all  members of our diverse community.

Are Ferndale Police Department officers trained to deescalate altercations by using peaceful conflict resolution strategies?

Yes. Ferndale Police officers are trained in both deescalation  and conflict resolution. This is something we believe in, and is a  requirement of the rigorous accreditation process we are working to complete.  We also ensure that our policy maintains its effectiveness by:

   Training/educating staff;
   Ensuring that it's fully understood by employees;
   Supervising and overseeing for violations; and
   Taking corrective action and discipline for violations.

Are Ferndale Police officers forbidden from using certain kinds  of invasive restraint techniques?

Ferndale Police Department officers are forbidden from using  carotid restraints (chokeholds, strangleholds, etc.), "hog-tying"  restraints, transporting civilians in uncomfortable positions (such as  face-down in a vehicle), and other similar invasive restraint techniques.  These forbidden techniques are all outlined in our policy, above.

Are Ferndale Police officers permitted and/or required to  intervene if they witness a fellow officer using excessive force?

Yes. Ferndale Police officers are not just permitted but  required to intervene if they witness another officer using excessive force.  Furthermore, any officer who witnesses use of excessive force and fails to  intervene will be reprimanded.

Are Ferndale Police officers required to give a verbal warning  to civilians before drawing their weapon or using excessive force?

This depends on the situation. In most cases, yes, if they are  able to.
A good example: an officer is searching a dark yard for a suspect accused  of committing a violent crime. The officer likely will have a weapon drawn as  a means of protection without announcing that he or she is doing so. Once the  suspect is located, the officer will announce themselves and their weapon and  deliver commands.

Are Ferndale Police officers required to report each time they  threaten to or use force on civilians?

Anytime an officer draws a pistol, rifle, or taser, whether  they use the weapon or not, it is considered use of force and is required to  be documented per Department policy.

Are Ferndale Police officers vetted to ensure they don't have a  history with abuse, racism, xenophobia, homophobia/transphobia, or  discrimination?

Yes, 100%. The Ferndale Police Department has zero tolerance  for abusive and discriminatory behavior, and we spend considerable resources  having officers thoroughly vetted by background investigators before hire.

Is there a clear and enforced use-of-force continuum that  details which weapons and techniques are acceptable in civilian-police  interactions?

Use of force is dynamic and fluid, allowing for a continuum of  responses that flow up and down in tune with a subject's actions. This is a  newer, more modern way of approaching use-of-force education, and is a move  away from the older "if X occurs, you are authorized to perform Y"  style. We train officers to recognize that all options are on the table at  all times, including talking, getting some distance, and finding cover. Our  officers are often in fast-moving, potentially violent encounters; a fluid  continuum provides options for law enforcement professionals who are forced  to make incredibly rapid decisions.

Is there an early intervention system to correct officers who  use excessive force?

Every use of force gets reviewed on at least 3-4 different  levels:

   Review by immediate supervisors
   Review by Shift Lieutenant
   Review by Use of Force Command Officer
   Review by the Patrol Division Captain
   Every incident is added into a electronic personnel file. The Police Chief  personally reviews each entry and engages with the officer in question. The  Ferndale Police

Department is relatively small, comparatively, and  top-to-bottom supervision and interaction are constant.

What can I do, as a concerned citizen, to educate myself and  help set good policing policies in motion?

The Ferndale Police Department works incredibly hard to set and  enforce smart, effective policies and provide rigorous education and  training. If you have ideas about policies, procedures, or improvements, the  best place to start is by enrolling in a citizen police academy. Get to know  our officers, our current policies, why we created them, and how they work.  Not all police departments are alike, and we're happy to show you the inner  workings of ours. The best place to start a conversation is from a place of  involvement and education, so let's work together to start that conversation.

How can I recognize an emergency situation?

A YES answer to any of the following questions would indicate  an emergency situation:

   Is there an injury or possible injury?
   Is a crime being committed or about to be committed?
   Is someone asking for help?
   Is the suspect still at the scene?
   Is there threat of impending danger or major damage?
   Is there a hazardous condition which would cause injury or death to  citizens or their property and will not go away unless action is taken?
   Will immediate response prevent possible injury or damage or result in the  apprehension of the perpetrator(s)?

How do I describe a person when attempting to identify others?

It is best to describe from the top down.

   Race: White, black, Spanish, etc.
   Sex: Male, female
   Age: 18 to 20 years old, 30 to 40 years old, etc.
   Clothing: Type, color, hat, coat, shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
   Height: 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10, etc.
   Weight: 140 to 150 pounds, etc.
   Hair: Color, style, length, beard, mustache, etc.
   Build: Fat, thin, large, petite, medium, etc.
   Other: Scars, tattoos, moles, etc.

How do I describe a vehicle to others?

When describing a vehicle, attempt to supply as much  information as possible that would allow the responding officers to  distinguish this vehicle from the many others. Again, describe from the top  down.

   License number (the most important)
   Color (two-tone, three-tone)
   Body style (two door, four door, van, pick-up truck, etc.)
   Make (Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, Honda, etc.)
   Year (If not known, then describe newer or older)
   Any outstanding features (damage, rust, clean, dirty, antenna, bumper  sticker, sunroof, vanity plate, writing on sides, etc.)

How do I make an emergency phone call?

Stay calm.
   Don't get excited.
   Don't wait for someone else to call.
   Tell the person who answers the phone exactly what is wrong, like this:...  "There was just a car accident in front of my house...".
   Tell the person who answers the phone the exact address of where the  emergency is located, including the apartment number if you live in an  apartment.
   Tell the person who answers the phone the phone number from which you are  calling.
   Tell the person who answers the phone your name.

How do I register for an alarm permit?

The Ferndale Police Department does not require an alarm  permit.

How do I report a crime or emergency?

When reporting a crime or emergency to the Ferndale Police  Department the following information is needed:

   Your name and address.
   The type of crime or emergency.
   The exact location of the situation.
   The description of the suspect and the suspect's vehicle if one is  used.
   The direction of flight.
   The time of occurrence.
   If a weapon was used, and if so what type.
   The above seven requested items are very important, however do not wait to  call until you can answer all of them. Call as soon as you observe the crime  or emergency, then attempt to obtain the answers to numbers four through  seven (above).

How do I request a traffic control change?

Complete and submit the Traffic Change Request Form.

What are some examples of suspicious activity that I should  report?

A stranger is entering your neighbor's house or yard while  they're away.
   Peddlers offer merchandise at ridiculously low prices.
   Anyone removing accessories, license plates or gasoline from a  vehicle.
   Persons entering or leaving a business after hours.
   Sounds of breaking glass, gun shots, screaming, car alarms or anything  suggestive of foul play.
   Persons loitering near schools, parks or secluded areas in your  neighborhood.
   Open or broken windows at a closed business or residence.
   Vehicles being loaded with valuables even if they appear to be legitimate  looking commercial vehicles.
   Parked, occupied vehicles containing one or more persons--especially if  seen at an unusual hour.

Where can I access a witness statement?

Access the Ferndale Police Department Witness Statement.

Your Chief of Police: Dennis Emmi

Dennis Emmi has over twenty years of experience with the Department, having climbed the ranks as Police Service Aide, Patrol Officer, Juvenile Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and his current role as Captain. He will be the Ferndale Police Department’s eighteenth Chief of Police.

In addition to his positions within the Department, Emmi has served in many other roles, including:

Michigan Army National Guard
Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team
Team Commander of the Honor Guard
SWAT Instructor
Field Training Officer

He also carries forth many Professional Memberships, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Michigan Association Chiefs of Police, the Southeast Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Oakland County Association of Chiefs of Police.

Emmi is also a life-long resident of the Ferndale community, having graduated from Ferndale High School. His parents have also served the City in a multitude of roles.

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