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The Finance Department is responsible for managing the City's financial affairs. Support services provided include accounting, financial budgeting and reporting, investment management, debt management, tax and other revenue collections, and water bill management.

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Assessing Services

Oakland County Equalization acts as the City of Ferndale's Assessor.  If you are interested in obtaining information about property assessments in Oakland County or the City of Ferndale, contact:

Oakland County Equalization
Oakland Pointe Office Building
250 Elizabeth Lake Road, Suite 1000W
Pontiac, Michigan, USA, 48341
Phone: 248-858-0740

Visit our Property Taxes page to conduct a general property search or a property tax history report, and to review frequently asked questions for property taxes.

How your Tax Dollars are Spent

The voter-approved Headlee renewal supports the City of Ferndale General Fund. The chart below offers a closer look at the fund—which covers everything from police and fire to the 43rd District Court—and its allocations. 

Taxable Value History

In the State of Michigan, our collective municipal financial health is measured by two important factors:

State Equalized Value (SEV): The SEV is the assessed value that has been adjusted following the county and state equalization. The County Board of Commissioners and the Michigan State Tax Commission must review local assessments and adjust (equalize) them if they are above or below the constitutional 50% level of assessment.

Taxable Value (TV): A property's taxable value is the value used to determine the homeowner's tax payments. Increases to your taxable value are capped at the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is less. (Over the past 15 years, the rate of inflation has averaged approximately 2%.) If you sell your property or make improvements to your property, your taxable value will be readjusted to your assessed value. 

Assessed Value (AV): The assessed value of your home is determined by the property's market value set by the Oakland County Assessor. The assessed value when multiplied by two will give an approximate market value of the property. The Assessor is constitutionally required to set the AV at 50% of the usual selling price (or true cash value) of the property.

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