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Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Ferndale Downtown Development Authority works to establish Downtown Ferndale as a favorite local and regional destination - operating with the mindset of embracing the diversity of class, culture, and creativity. The DDA oversees various processes throughout the Downtown, including branding and communication, business support and resources, events and activities, sustainability and mobility initiatives, capital projects, and much more.

Our Mission: Work together to drive, deliver, and advance the great Downtown Ferndale experience.

Our Vision: A lively Downtown with a mixture of uses that supports our community at all times of the day that is sustainable and forward-thinking.

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Downtown Development Authority

Ferndale City Hall
300 E. Nine Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220


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What is the DDA Board of Directors?

Day to day operations of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are managed by the Executive Director who reports to the DDA Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of the Mayor and 8-12 members appointed by the City Council. By law, the majority of members must have an interest in property located in the downtown (business/building owner). We are also seeking 1-2 residents who live within the district.

Members are appointed by the Mayor and are responsible for approving and overseeing the annual budget and setting the vision for the DDA. They provide feedback and ideas to the Executive Director to help ensure that we are meeting the needs of the our businesses today and in the future.

Terms for the DDA Board of Directors are 4 years, and each individual may serve 2 consecutive terms.

Authorization for this board arises from Public Act 57 of 2018; and Ferndale Code of Ordinances Part II, Chapter 19 , Article VI.

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