Here in Ferndale, spring and summer mean bursts of white blossoms from flowering trees, lush greenery, and butterfly bait like lilac and milkweed. Our residents recognize that abundant natural plant life is crucial to maintaining a healthy, beautiful, balanced local environment.

It is because of this that the City of Ferndale has embraced native natural landscaping. At the urging of our local community—including the Ferndale Sustainability Commission, which is comprised of residents and aided by Councilmember Melanie Piana—the City has amended its noxious vegetation ordinance. Yards featuring planned natural landscaping will now be supported and encouraged. The benefits are numerous, and we believe that this is the right move toward a more sustainable Ferndale. 

See below for common questions about sustainable native landscaping. If you're interested in installing a natural planned landscape on your property, you must register your property by completing our short online form or by contacting the City's Code Enforcement Department at 248-336-4117.

Get the Brochure

Click the image below to download a pdf copy of our "Landscaping with Native Plants" brochure.