Rental Services

Has your new rental house or apartment passed the City’s rental inspection?  Are there outstanding code enforcement issues? 

Contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 248-546-2366 to verify the property is in good standing.

All rental properties in the City of Ferndale must be registered with the Community and Economic Development Department. Visit our Permit Center to complete a Rental Property Registration Form.

If you need to schedule an inspection, contact:
Kathy McClintic
Community and Economic Development

Rental Inspection Checklist
The Rental Inspection Checklist contains some of the most common property maintenance violations and is intended to assist property owners in being prepared for city property inspections. This is merely a list of the most common violations and does not include all possible violations. The City of Ferndale has adopted the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code book, if owners wish to consult further possible violations.