Property Taxes

Understanding your property taxes

The Treasury Department accepts tax payments for summer and winter taxes between the first business day of July and the final business day of February. Please view our Property Tax Guide for help reading and understanding your property tax bill.

Tax payments submitted outside of the time period stated above are considered delinquent and must be directed to Oakland County Treasurer's Office. 

The City offers several different options to homeowners for property tax payments.

Homeowners can pay online using Oakland County's property tax gateway - Click here to pay your property taxes online.

If you'd like to visit us at City Hall, we are open Monday - Thursday between 8-5:30 p.m.  You can make property tax payments at the counter in the upstairs lobby or drop your payment off in the drop box located outside of City Hall entrance located on E. 9 Mile.

Property Tax & Land Search

Click here to conduct a property search.  

Visual Instructions:  The screenshots provided below show you how to enter the information and what the output screens should look like.

What is the difference between refuse (under tax description) and rubbish(under special assessment) on the summer tax bill?

Refuse is a millage based amount that communities are legally allowed to collect to support the cost of the entire sanitation system, including trash removal, street sweeping, etc.  Since it is millage based, it is subject to the Headlee Rollback which limits the amount the city can collect through the millage to cover these services.  Ferndale currently levies the maximum allowed.  If the millage isn’t enough to cover the entire cost, the law allows communities to assess, via special assessment, an amount to help cover the cost. The assessment is calculated by taking the total amount needed (not covered by the millage) and splitting it among the users of the system.  This is the dollar amount assessed at the bottom of the bill (Rubbish).

Where do I find out, specifically, what the city debt is, that is being paid off?
The complete list of City Debt can be found in the City’s Annual Financial Statements via the link below.   2016 is the most recent Audited Financial Statements.  The debt schedule can be found on page 27 of the statements (actual page 41 of the entire PDF).

City Financial Statements

When will the GWK storm be paid off?

GWK storm represents 40% of the Stormwater charge the city incurs from Oakland County.  As a result of the Circuit Court class action case Wolf Vs. City of Ferndale, this amount was removed from the water bill calculation and placed on the tax rolls as an assessment under the Michigan Drain Code of 1956.  This is not a payment of debt and therefore has no payoff date.  It is an ongoing charge from Oakland County.