Wednesday, 04/16/2014

43rd District Court

Starting July 1, 2013, the 43rd District Court will be temporarily relocated in the basement of City Hall while massive renovations are conducted on the actual Court building.  The 43rd District Court hopes to move back in to their new home in the Summer of 2014. Anyone seeking more information may call (248)-547-8700

Relocation includes the following:
  • To pay a ticket, file paperwork or report for probation people should go to the temporary Court offices located at 423 E. 9 Mile (approximately 1 block east of our current location) 
  • All court hearings will be held in the City of Ferndale Council Chambers located at 300 E. 9 Mile (directly across the street from our current location).

Project Funding:

Funding for this renovation has been set aside for over 12 years through a capital improvement charge on tickets issued by the 43rd District Court. As of late June, the City has saved a designated fund balance of $1,958,000 for this project, and will continue to contribute 2014 savings from the capital improvement charge as the project moves forward.

Pay Ticket Online

The 43rd District Court offers the ability to pay your tickets and fines online through their pay online page.  If you have any questions about tickets, fines, or other court related issues please contact the:

43rd District Court
305 E. 9 Mile Rd. | Ferndale, MI | 48220
Phone: 248-547-8700